Quality & Certifications
Ramco has implemented and is maintaining an excellent quality system that uses many techniques to reach our goal of 0 PPM, i.e.:

  • Sorting 100% with optical/mechanical selection machines
  • Optical projector with micrometrical resolution for bidimensional measures, able to point out shape error, surface planarity, concentricy, perpendicularity on geometrical elements and surface defects (cracks and bruises)
  • Schatz machine able to check prevailing torque, coefficient of fiction, torque & tension according to the most important automotive standards (ISO2320, DIN946, WE950, WZ101, DIN267/15, ISO16047, FIAT9.52605/4 e 7G-0114, RENAULT01-50-005, VOLVO5511,72)

The full management of the internal and external logistics, such as the material traceability during every production step, is guaranteed by an efficient computerized barcode PDA system.