Quality Policy
Ramco is specialized in the manufacture and distribution of internally threaded fasteners, locking features, and application of sealents to internally and externally threaded fasteners.

It is the policy of Ramco management to fully support and provide the necessary resources for continual implementation of the quality management system.

Management at all levels will participate in quality assurance activities as incorporated into daily functional requirements. This will assure customers, sub-contractors and employees that we are committed to quality and continual improvements which will not be compromised when in conflict with other immediate interests.

No product will be shipped to the customer until its quality and conformance to customer specifications can be assured.

Ramco europe srl. & Ramco scandinavia AB are committed to the goal of "zero defects"!

To this end, the Ramco staff hereby set their hands, knowledge, skills, expertise and/or abilities in concurrence with these statements.

Management will assess the effectiveness of the quality management system on a regular basis and direct internal efforts towards continual improvement. Ramco's measurable target will be... "total quality costs will not exceed one-percent (1%) of total gross sales".

The Ramco management is committed to the quality management system outlined in this manual, all supporting documents and meeting statuatory and regulatory requirements. They shall ensure this policy is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organization.

This Ramco "management quality policy statement" will be posted through out the facility and will be understood by all employees of the Ramco organization via supervisor explanations and/or training sessions.